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cummins middle east corporate responsibility strategy

We Unleash the Power of Cummins in Our Communities.  

To better focus our time, talents and resources in our communities, in 2009, Cummins’ global employees and the Cummins Foundation identified three priority areas for Corporate Responsibility: 

  • Education: Improving the quality and alignment of educational systems to ensure the students of today are ready for the workforce of tomorrow.
  • Environment: Ensuring everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.
  • Social Justice/Equality of Opportunity: Increasing opportunity and equity for those most in need.

In the Middle East, our 5 year regional Corporate Responsibility Strategy focuses on using education to address inequality, environmental issues and demand for opportunity and talent.

The Middle East Corporate Responsibility Strategy was constructed based on specific needs identified in our local communities, input from our regional partners and the strengths and community interests of Cummins Middle East’ employees. Combined, they provide focus for our engagement and increase our ability to create positive, measurable impact in our communities.

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