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Making people’s lives better by unleashing the power of Cummins.

We have a unique career environment where innovations are born from a commitment to do what is right for our customers, our people and our planet. Across our entire organization you will find engineers, developers and technicians who are innovating, designing, testing and building. You will also find accountants, marketers, IT, purchasing and supply-chain specialists who are working in ways that are just as advanced and innovative.

We are on the cutting edge in every aspect of our company – from the technology that is inside our products, to the processes we use to design, test and market them. We are also advanced in the way we partner with organizations around the world – whether we are growing our business or growing our communities. This is what Working Right means.

We have positions for skilled individuals. We are in need of highly skilled individuals like you in the fields that include engineering, marketing, sourcing and procurement, human resources and finance, just to name a few. We have a full range of positions available across the Middle East.

We invest in career development. Like everyone at Cummins, you will be asked to stretch your limits and demonstrate leadership. You can take advantage of opportunities for international career growth, training, work-life balance initiatives and much more. At Cummins Middle East, we are always looking for talented candidates like you, who can help create and grow value in our business and in our community.

Click on the link to access the Cummins Career site for Middle East:

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