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A Growing Commitment to Community Involvement.

Corporate Responsibility is one of Cummins’ six core values that calls on the Company and its employees to “serve and improve the communities in which we live.” Far more than just philanthropy, Corporate Responsibility means not only making responsible business decisions, but affirmatively reaching out to help our communities and engage our workforce in addressing community needs. This implies a broader level of involvement which are engaging in dialogue around problems, building coalitions around solutions, and finding resources and skills to build the capability of our communities.

Former Chairman and CEO J. Irwin Miller formalized his, and our, community engagement through the establishment of Corporate Responsibility at Cummins in 1972. What Miller said in 1972 holds true today: “While some still argue that business has no social responsibility, we believe that our survival in the very long run is as dependent upon responsible citizenship in our communities and in the society, as it is on responsible technology, financial and production performance."

Cummins believes a company is only as healthy as the communities where we do business. Acting responsibly will contribute to the company’s health, growth, profitability and sustainability. This includes:

  • Decision making that considers our responsibility to a full array of stakeholders.
  • Setting a high standard for all aspects of corporate citizenship.
  • Using our values, talents, resources and global position to drive improvement in our communities and the world.

Cummins Foundation

Created in 1954, the Cummins Foundation is one of America’s earliest corporate foundations. As the Company’s global giving mechanism, the Foundation provides grants in communities where we work and live. The Cummins Foundation supports our Corporate Responsibility work through:

  • Community Developments Grants: Financial support for projects and partners, developed and submitted by Cummins employees in coordination with our local partners. Community Development Grants build on our engagement and help amplify the impact our work has on our communities. Requests for Community Development Grants are made. Grants should support projects that:
    • ​Provide opportunities for our employees to use their skills and engage in meaningful ways
    • Demonstrate capability for long-term sustainability through other funding sources
    • Align with our regional strategies and priority areas
  • Matching Grants: For every dollar Cummins’ employees give to local, inclusive nonprofits of their choosing, the Cummins Foundation matches that contribution with a donation to the United Way.
  • Architecture Grants: To ensure a vibrant and economically viable headquarter community in Columbus, Indiana, the Cummins Foundation provides support for innovative architectural projects. The Cummins Foundation does not fund medical or disease-related organizations:
    • Capital campaigns
    • Individuals’ or business start-ups
    • Product donations
    • Religious activities, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine; faith-based organizations must provide service to all clients regardless of denomination
    • Projects or services that could be considered to benefit the Company